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What's with All the Ukrainian Women on CLM?

By John Abbot
1121 Views | 13 Comments | 8/19/2019 2:16:49 AM

Milla Jovovich - one beautiful Ukrainian Woman you won't find on ChinaLoveMatch.

If you are a male member of ChinaLoveMatch you have likely noticed that suddenly we have a rash of beautiful Ukrainian women who are joining the website. We did recently let you know that we are starting to accept non-Chinese women as we are starting to get Chinese men registering too. We pretty well have to accept that Western or non-Chinese Asian women and Chinese men are starting to open up and are interested in each other more than before. They have a right to be included on the site.

But we were only getting a Western woman once every couple of days, and that was from various places outside China. Not all from one location. We have also been getting 1 or 2 a day from S. E. Asian countries. But 6 Ukrainian ladies in 2 days and a couple more since then is totally unexpected.

To put it in perspective, from August 7th until today 8 Ukrainian ladies, all within the ages of 30 to 32 years, have joined CLM. All are beautiful and have posted photos that prove it. Prior to that, in the entire 12 years since we started ChinaLoveMatch, we have only had a total of 8 Ukrainian women join. Only 3 or them posted photos. They were between the ages of 28 and 41. That's 8 in 12 years and then 8 in 12 days.

Obviously this is a little suspicious. However, in running these ladies through our usual Scammer detection process we cannot find (yet) anything to suggest they are not who they say they are. The fact that they are all beautiful and all so close in age suggests that they are part of a group, or perhaps are all represented by an agent. But those are not facts that on the surface that would cause us to exclude them so long as they are the women who are posted in their profiles and they do not exhibit any scamming activity.

So this blog is to remind all the male members to be cautious and insist any of these ladies who approache you enter into a video chat with you on WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, QQ or any other trusted chat site. If she will not have that chat with you for any reason please let us know. Likewise if she does have a video chat with you and is the woman in her photos, please also let us know that.

Also, if she tries to entice you to go join another dating site, you can be sure that site is a scam site. A real dating site can't afford to plant fake members on another site. Only the sites that will scam you out of thousands of dollars will do that. Please report that to us as well.

Finally, if she or any woman on this site asks you for money before you have physically met her, please report her to us for doing so. And do not send her the money.

Now, to the Ukrainian ladies. I hope you are reading this. Please understand that if you are really the woman in your profile, and if you are genuinely here seeking a lifemate, then you are very welcome to be members on We wish you the very best finding a great match here.

Please do video chat with the members you are contacting. That is a huge step in proving you are real and can be trusted. We don't just say this to you. We say it to every member, male or female.

But if you are not real or not geneuinely seeking a lifemate, you will be found out and reported very soon. Then you will be removed from the site and your profile pics, whoever they might be, will be placed in Scammer Prison. Meanwhile you are wasting your time and efforts because our members are all well advised about Scammers and will not fall for your tricks.

All members, please add your thoughts below in the comments on the content of this blog.

我的best to all of you!

Copyright owned jointly by Author and CyberCupid Co., Ltd. Breach of copyright will be prosecuted.
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#2019-08-20 19:24:44 bypaulfox1 @paulfox1

I have already been contacted by 4 of these women. I have no evidence to back up your theory that they are all from an agency, but I did receive an e-mail from one of them that included photos. One of the photos was of her, plus one of the others. Therefore I think it's safe to assume they know each other.

I have not yet invited any of them for a video chat, but I am responding politely to their e-mails.

So far I have nothing 'bad' to report, but it's early days.

Let's hope they are genuine, and let's give them the benefit of the doubt - at least for now.

That said, why on Earth a 30-something year old woman would be interested in old farts like us remains to be seen.

Rest assured I will update as and when

#2019-08-23 08:50:09 bypooskamao @pooskamao

I have 25 years experience with Russian and Ukrainina women. I invited 3 to the US, and was briefly married to one. If your looking for trouble, you will find it being in a relationship with these women. I made it a point to keep in contact with the men I met on my 14 trips to Russia and the Ukraine and to a person, they will support my claim. The quickest way to take down a dating site is to get involved with these women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#2019-08-23 18:46:25 byroughdiamond @roughdiamond



i'm of ukie heratiage

and every nerve and spider sence in my body has always said STAY AWAY


#2019-08-24 12:17:54 byJohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

I was hoping for more comments than this. Plus I do want to point out that the comments of @pooskamao and @roughdiamond are not very relevant to our concerns with whether or not we would not allow these women to stay on the site or not.

Those comments are directed at whether or not these women would make good, trustworthy partners or not. We can't remove members because they may not make great lifemates. We remove them if it seems highly likely they are here to try to scam money from members without ever meeting them.

So, while I don't object to such comments as they are of interest generally, I am looking for comments that confirm the woman in the profile photo is really the woman who has posted that photo. Or comments that indicate or outright confirm that the woman is getting ready to ask or has asked for money.

Since both the above gents are not even going to enter into a discussion with these women there's not much chance they are going to report such scammer like behaviour.

#2019-08-24 18:23:19 byoldghost @oldghost

I did leave some comments and some evidence including matching youtube images - seems you have decided to cut them?

#2019-08-24 20:52:11 byroughdiamond @roughdiamond


Well John if you would like my oppion I would say READ your (CLM) About Us (realy just the first 4 lines are enough) then decide for your self after all you are the Moderator(doh)(doh) (to Sharp)???

#2019-08-25 12:33:48 byJohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@oldghost - unfortunately we did not receive any earlier comments or evidence from you. I've gone back and checked and there is nothing. I can only assume that you had not cleared your browser for a long time when you entered the comments. It sounds like you sent exactly the kind of thing we are seeking.

I know it's a pain but we'd love to see them and post them so please do clear your browser, restart your computer and then try again. I am anxious to have a look at them.

Maybe to be safe you could also send them in an email to


@roughdiamond - Unfortunately our "About Us" was written 12 years ago times have changed since then, as per the first paragraph above.

I guess it's time we look at rewriting the "About Us" section though. Thanks for pointing that out.

#2019-08-25 14:35:33 byoldghost @oldghost


Putting your CLM watermark on the images makes it difficult for image searches to match. I cut the footers off the images and only one returned multiple hits in Google image search. In some ways singularity is itself suspicious, suggesting careful image photoshopping to avoid detection.

你自己的形象出现的黑色胸围38 c ! !我的own image turns up some sites which are unknown to me and suggest hijacking.

One image does return many hits - but although I left an image last time, now it seems I cannot attach any images. The woman with black hair and fingers on chin below the lips shows up in Russian cosmetic promotion ads on KRASOTA TV, BENEFIC

Смотреть видео Как отвечать на нетактичные вопросы? Benefic на ВТренде бесплатно

Russian Krasota TV youtube 2019-08-20 145405

#2019-08-26 07:58:52 by anonymous20667@anonymous20667

我已经联系了三个乌克兰ladies and just started to chat to one, on one of my private email accounts, and she has sent photographs. On a positive note, a reverse lookup of all the various images, shows them to be unique and not plastered over the internet under a variety of names and fake profiles. One of the others says she has a daughter, but the children section of her profile it says none. Of course this could just have been an error when creating her profile. Reserving judgement, but will update if I learn more.

#2019-08-28 13:08:02 byJohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@oldghost - we do a google search of every photo approved before the watermark is applied. If anything suspicious shows up we don't approve the photos and, with few exceptions, don't approve the person trying to join. There are reasons why the watermark needs to be placed on the photo.

You wrote "One image does return many hits - but although I left an image last time, now it seems I cannot attach any images.“但是我恐怕我不明白你的意思。

Likewise you wrote:

"The woman with black hair and fingers on chin below the lips shows up in Russian cosmetic promotion ads on KRASOTA TV, BENEFIC

Смотреть видео Как отвечать на нетактичные вопросы? Benefic на ВТренде бесплатноRussian Krasota TV youtube 2019-08-20 145405"

I don't understand who you are referring to as "The woman with black hair and fingers on chin..."?

I did follow the link on that page I see a woman with finger to chin. However I don't see her among the Ukrainian women on CLM.

Please clarify, thanks.

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