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Barry from Australia is a questioning soul who looks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Darkness Behind Hollywood, Politics and Religion



I’m referring to things you've gasped at in horror movies but as you'll see, these events unfortunately are not based on fantasy, they are disturbingly real. It involves many leading public figures, including politicians, entertainers, actors, as well as thousands of other malicious functionaries. It involves aspects of some or all of the following: deep state government agencies (cells within the CIA); covert Satanic worship; ritual human sacrifices, especially of babies; the drinking of blood, especially adrenochrome charged blood; plus of course, the infamous, grand plotters and schemers - secret societies such as the Illuminati, the Freemasons and the Skull and Bones. These societies of course, include not only top end politicians, et al, but also elite members of the global financial and banking system.

Festering fragments of organised religion are involved also. Arguably, fragments is the wrong word here. Many believe it should be replaced with "significant sections" as far as most religions are concerned. The Catholic Church for example, is responsible for plenty of wonderful charitable works, but also THOUSANDS of cases of paedophilia, much of it covered up by a callous, hypocritical hierarchy. It's alleged that Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and various Popes themselves knew what was going on but for a long time, chose to do little or nothing.



If this admission doesn't shock you, then nothing will. Where a high ranking Vatican official openly confirms the presence of astonishing sacrilege within the top echelons of the Church itself. He went on to say that the proliferation of sex scandals were all a part of this, confirming that evil spirits - demonic entities - were very real, not simply the stuff of fanciful imagination. The interview in "电报" went further:



"From their mouths, anything can come out – pieces of iron as long as a finger, but also rose petals," said Father Amorth, who claims to have performed 70,000 exorcisms. "When the possessed dribble and slobber, and need cleaning up, I do that too. Seeing people vomit doesn't bother me. The exorcist has one principal duty - to free human beings from the fear of the Devil."

I had independently heard an interview with an experienced exorcist living in Sydney. He confirmed that those possessed sometimes spat out metal dagger-like objects. He said they formed within the mouth of the possessed person. Such is the power of these demonic entities. Belief or disbelief in all this of course, is a personal choice.

On this note, it's clear that some of the leading magicians in the world are in collaboration with demonic forces. A percentage of their illusions are simply impossible to explain otherwise. Some of these sorcerers in fact admit to this. One entity told the magician to call him "Desmond”删除‘S’和‘从这个名字d’,你还剩下什么?从这个黑暗的力量接受援助,想必形成协议后,由人执行的惊人壮举或技巧显然超出了正常人类的能力是什么请参考YouTube的视频在这个博客的结尾明白我的意思。它认为,在这些情况下,妖是魔术师对188bet官方网址他的生活的全部的控制之下,但在他死后,形势逆转。可怕的东西。是获得财富和名气相对较短的时间内事物的总体方案,值得做处理恶意实体?

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood,




Back to sex abuse. The "New York Times" reported on 26 August 2018, that on the final day of Pope Francis' recent mission to Ireland, where he issued apologies for clerical sex abuse cases, a former top Vatican official, Archbishop Carlo Viganò, released a letter stating that the Pope himself had collaborated with top Vatican officials in covering up many such abuses and called for his resignation. Pope Francis didn't deny the allegations, but sidestepped the issue by saying he wouldn't dignify them with a response.



Many lawsuits are still continuing. I know for sure however, the accusatory finger of shame and profound ignominy could and should be pointed at other denominations also. Catholicism doesn't have a monopoly on degradation and perversion unfortunately.

We'll discuss more about religion later in this series, particularly in reference to how segments of it are involved in both paedophilia as well as Satanism. Let’s focus now though on equally alarming activities within the American entertainment industry, starting off with Hollywood. Tinsel town. More accurately known as Hollyweird. Or maybe Hellywood. Holly being the name of the tree typically used in magician's wands. Much of what I'll describe here is difficult to comprehend, let alone accept as truth. Even now, parts of it are barely believable, yet everything here is based upon credible evidence, including eyewitness testimony.

一般市民会吃惊地学习以下。它是由那些在知道理解,才能成为一个超级影星 - 或世界著名的歌手,脱口秀主持人或其他顶级艺人 - 在许多情况下某些可疑费必须支付。令人难以置信的是,这些涉及深灌顶或长期的精神控制技术(又名MK超或君主编程)。这包括一个或多个以下的:恋童癖,性变态,酷刑,电休克治疗,喝血,吃了人肉,吃人类粪便和/或灵魂的销售或交易。有时隐蔽仪式直接基于撒旦。有时没有。如果你深入挖掘不够。虽然,黑暗势力是沿线涉及的地方。这也被称为Luciferianism。

Mind control strategies are particularly effective if able to be commenced in childhood. Both Britney Spears and Michael Jackson allegedly are classic examples of this. Here's an excerpt from an interview on White TV, as an example:

"迈克尔·杰克逊的四,五,当我陪同鲍勃·霍普到一个地方,他们在拍了 - 和 - 未来人才为电视只是一个小男孩。鲍勃告诉我,他支持并赞助了杰克逊,让他们在门上的专业足疗。他们的父亲带来了男孩,我记得看到他们考虑到旁边的房间明亮的地方灯都上。

They all had to drop their pants and before their performance a big man raped each one of them in a lineup. Then they were taken to a different room and dressed in little suits and sent onto the stage to perform. Due to the mind control I was under, I'm not sure exactly where we were, but feel that it was the early days of the Ed Sullivan Show."

另一个例子是布兰妮斯皮尔斯,又名“Spear Through the Soul”,其中AuricMedia报道:

"Through the years, the evidence became overwhelming that Britney Spears is a victim of some kind of mind control. She is being “managed” all the time.. her contacts are limited to whatever her “Handlers” agree to... she can’t spend her own money freely without the consent of her father or fiance. Bear in mind that this is an adult woman who earned millions in her career, but is allowed a small weekly allowance that the court approved of giving her! She also lost custody of her children."

But there are many more child stars, now adults, where incredibly ALL are reputedly MK Ultra aka Monarch mind control victims, having allegedly suffered various levels of torture, deprivation and sexual abuse whilst being groomed as children. Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson... the list goes on. In moments of lucidity, many describe themselves along the lines of“在笼中的动物;在商店橱窗里的玩具,芭比娃娃;一个公共的外观;粘土人物;或者,这个人在电视上”

Does anyone remember Justin Bieber's public arrests and personality melt-downs? Or Lindsay Lohan's multiple court appearances? Or the disturbed personas of Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain and Heath Ledger, before they could take it no more? If under mind control, flashbacks to their prior abusive (both physical as well as psychological) "treatment" can occur, resulting in severe consequences.

我知道很多人会嘲笑的信息到目前为止revealed in this article. The claims comprehensively defy both human decency and normal civilised behaviour. We're in 2018, right - not the dark ages around the thirteenth or fourteenth century, where sexual depravity and devil worship was commonplace and witches were burnt at the stake. Remember Joan of Arc? This is all a bad joke, right?


我仍然在等待一个合理的解释,从任何人,我的问题谁否认政府参与9/11,至于为什么没有在塔的瞬间击中了飞机前的地下室/大堂区发生爆炸的摄影和录像证据。套用约瑟夫戈培尔,"The bigger the lie, the more often it's repeated, the easier it'll be for the population to believe it".

暴跌扎进下入困扰9/11兔子洞然而之前,让我们回到正轨,重点放在手头的同样扰乱主题。让我再次重申。其中政治,表演或音乐领域内的名人或领导者而言,包括某些著名的体育人,取得成功,在许多情况下是令人惊讶的不是完全与他们的天赋。或两者 - 它们可在“精神控制处理程序”或邪恶的参与。这往往会提高或最大化自己的能力,超出否则会出现这种情况。的这是如何发生的细节将在本系列的第二部分。要知道也是时尚界也充满了MK超受害者。有没有想过,为什么有这么多著名的超级模特们脸上像间隔出僵尸长相?

Apart from names already mentioned, here's a selection of other celebrities allegedly involved (for legal reasons, I will stipulate the activities of every person named in this blog series are based on allegations only). Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Carrie Underwood, Bono, Rihanna, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Pink, Eminem, Taylor Swift, Bruce Willis, the Rock, Duane Johnson, Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal and others yet to be revealed later in this disturbing series.

To digress, it must be mentioned that at the time of writing, 10 October 2018, the Dow Jones index experienced its third largest single day fall ever, of 832 points. Eerily though, thisexact date被公开预测THIRTY years ago, in 1988! Refer the picture below, where in non too subtle code, the figures 10 10 2018 were mentioned on the front cover of the September 1988 edition of "经济学家”magazine. We were warned about this. Those clever enough to take heed likely have been pulling out of shares for a while now. Silly me, I didn't take the prediction seriously, it sounded too bizarre for words. I should have withdrawn everything the day before, on 09 October. Had I done so and then reinvested a while later, I'd have made a killing.

但话又说回来,这就是为什么这么多的能够被黑暗力量来完成 - 又名精英。社会的大多数普通成员过于关注琐事在他们的生活,而不是集中于巨大的地块目前正降权在他们面前,往往隐藏在众目睽睽下。从群众的无知和冷漠散发着。像羊宰杀。我不是故意去过于批判这里不久前我也是这些空洞sheeple之一。

An expert by the way, noted the market fall on 10 October was caused by a "big seller". Someone capable of suddenly liquidating hundreds of billions of dollars in one go. Only the global financial elites possess this wealth, this omnipotence. This deviousness. The Rothschilds are the little known, yet exceedingly powerful, financiers not just of the USA, but nearly all of the world. Will October 2018 in fact, be the start of a concerted push for a global currency, a predecessor to a purported New World Order, as stated in 1988 by "经济学家”magazine?

我的信念是道琼斯指数,目前徘徊在25,000写作的时候,从高点已经下降到26700,有一万左右的点回落,下降到15000左右,给予或采取。如果发生这种情况 - 我相信,明年,2019 - 该consequnces会比2007年更糟 - 2008年崩溃。我相信,在2018 10月10日的大幅下跌是不是“大崩溃”这是在它的途中,已经由金融精英预定。Numerologically来讲,数量2019等同于3,一些由邪恶的和秘密社团的喜爱。特别是保持特殊意义的33号。因此,如果发生全球危机,2019年似乎是一个合乎逻辑的选择。

另一种预测,现在我会是会出现在未来十年内年左右一个假标志操作一段时间,涉及到所谓的“alien invasion”这背后的理论是它将把世界陷入危机,对国家支持呼叫合并将成为一个巨大的动力。一个世界政府,新的世界秩序。

Sightings of human-manufactured UFOs utilising technologies so far not yet released are plentiful. The technology already exists for what appears to be propulsion systems way in advance of what's publicly available. Making the jet engines on our large commercial aircraft look decidedly outdated. No doubt these advanced systems are currently being tested and refined by the powers that be. Hence the spike over the past few years in UFO sightings. The consensus being that some of these are genuine alien craft but others are man made using the new, highly effective technologies. Maybe their construction occurs in areas like the infamous Area 51? The US military has almost as many arcane secrets as the US government. Everything of interest is either classified or on a need to know basis. Watch this space for further details.



Thank heaven for sites such as Chinalovematch.net, where brave and far-sighted management is prepared to help shine a blistering blowtorch of publicity, morality and decency onto the darkness of depravity and despicableness increasingly evident all around us.




The following video describes a real life case of paedophilia and devil worship, as recounted by a brave young victim who for years was shrouded by horror:






6:44 up to 9:25



An example of new, unreleased technology occurred during Elon Musk's recent Space X launch this month. Check out the booster being "grabbed" by something moving at amazing high speed as it fell to Earth in the following:





The following disturbing video shows a real life adult victim statement, involving just about every abomination possible, including within the Church that had betrayed her:



13:30 to 13:57
18:31 to 20:26
27:48 to 28:26
32:17 to 33:43
1:01:00 to 1:03:28

(To be continued)

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#2018-10-17 13:23:01 byJohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

Barry, first a couple of explanations about your request that I provide hyperlinks to the videos.



Now, regarding your blog itself, it is brilliant. I too have been studying the entire issue of runaway paedophilia in the world, including the situation of extensive mind control, rampant sex abuse of both adults and children, and depraved acts of satanism, human sacrifice and even cannibalism practised in Hollywood, in Washington, in London and generally throughout the world.


However, you and I differ it seems on the timeframe of where we think it is all heading. While I agree that there could well be a False Flag event coming soon in which we are asked to believe that an alien invasion is in the works, I think they will have to try to pull it off long before 10 years from now.


But even if that's the case, there's no question that the Global Elite are not going to go down easy, and all hell is going to break loose. We all need to be prepared for a world gone mad.

Of course, some people reading your blog, and my comment, are going to shake their heads in disbelief. Our friend Melcyan leaps to mind. If we're wrong we're in for a future of insufferable mocking from all of them, but if we're right they may well be thankful that we at least gave them a hint of what was to come, thereby lessening the shock when it does.

We shall see soon enough, shall we not?

#2018-10-17 18:38:29 bypaulfox1 @ paulfox1


This is an extremely well-written and well-researched blog.



尽管我们学的东西,基本上有2这个世界的“神”。他们的名字是众所周知的 - 路西法和撒旦。

Lucifer is portrayed as the 'good-god', while Satan is the 'devil', or adversary. They are essentially one-and-the-same, whilst at the same time being separate 'entities'.



Willingly 'selling your soul' to these parasites is what gives the 'elite' their fame-and-fortune.


The 'fall of the Roman Empire' was a cover-story. It didn't 'fall', it just moved. First it moved into Russia, then into America. (Incidentally, did you ever wonder why the old Russian leaders were called 'Czar'? Look at the word - C-Zar, or 'Caesar')

The world is run by three independent 'states', namely, The Vatican; The City of London; and Washington DC. They rule religion; finance; and the military.

All of them are Luciferian, and run this world using a fear-and-control system:




该“sheeple”保持与灌输的帮助昏迷和洗脑被称为教育体系,与有毒疫苗,含氟水一起,转基因食品,188bet官网程序设计from 'Tel Lie Vision', and Hellywood.

The latter help make people beLIEve we live on spinning ball and we're all off to live on Mars. The truth is, it's all a Luciferian lie.....ALL OF IT!

Meanwhile they are chemtrailing the skies, creating man-made hurricanes (such as hurricane Michael), using DEWs, (Directed Energy Weapons), to burn up California, and the world just sits there doing nothing!

The 'elite' use the BS excuse of 'climate change' - which of course, is just another hoax that the 'sheeple' believe.

The fake news industry in the US is doing everything it can to promote the liberal leftist nutters who want to impeach Trump, while Trump is manifesting as 'the good guy' who's going to 'make America great'.



This is Biblically prophecised too, but in actuality, there's no such thing as 'prophecy', it's just history repeating itself prior to this 'matrix' being 'reset' one more time.



Excellent blog, my friend. Welcome tomy世界!

#2018-10-17 23:11:32 bypaulfox1 @ paulfox1

@JohnAbbot这么短的时间内前巴里was telling me to 'capitulate' instead of spreading my 'conspiracy theories' all over CLM. How he's moved on........Full credit to Barry for the simple reason that he decided to take an open-minded view on things, and had enough respect for both you and I that he decided to take a peek down the proverbial 'rabbit-hole'. From what I can gather right now, due to our daily communication, is that Barry is spending many many hours doing research. For that, I commend him. I have no desire to disrespect anyone out there, but many are so unbelievably indoctrinated that any 'warnings' we might offer, are likely to be ignored. The reason behind this is something that I explore more in Book 2 of 'The Devil's Playground'. Whilst I quote several passages from the ancient Hebrew and Greek writings, there are many more ancient texts that tell the same story. These include such writings as, 'The Nag Hammadi Codices'; 'The Emerald Tablets of Thoth'; The 'Sumerian Texts', as well as the 'Babylonian Texts', from which most of the Bible is taken. Many people simply discount all of these ancient texts as being complete BS, yet they all demonstrate that previous civilisations were much more advanced that we are today. You created this 'conspiracy corner' because you have an open mind. @Kalzorch and Autumn also appear to have one. Barry can now be added to this list - yet most people remain so steadfast in their belief structure that they consider us all to be idiots and crazy fools. In the book, I openly admit to doing around 5000 hours of research. Barry is now doing as much research as he can - yet we are all restricted by the illusion of time. Everything we've been taught is a lie. Our whole existence in this realm is a lie. Everything we call 'reality' is a lie. Those who ignore the warnings do so at their own peril. We all have a choice!

#2018-10-19 14:36:12 byBarry1 @Barry1

@ paulfox1

"Excellent blog, my friend. Welcome to my world !"

Thanks for your appreciation of my efforts, Paul.


我明年极为关注,2019年,将是地狱般的一个。我相信,罗斯柴尔德将认真他的宏伟计划开始一个新的世界秩序,很可能导致数百万美国破产,数百万房主失去他们的家园 - 一个贪婪的财政疫病那然后会蔓延到其他发达国家。

At least China will be less affected, although their exporters will incur significant hurt, as demand dries up.

As for the rest of the information re mind control being rife in Hellywood, Satanism being rife just about everywhere, and organised religion badly letting its followers down in so many areas, what more can I say?

I'm cognisant all of this sounds outlandish to many people out there. As I said in my blog,

“我知道很多人都会嘲笑到目前为止发现本文中的信息的权利要求全面违抗人类尊严和正常的文明行为我们是在2018年吧 - 不是周围13或14世纪的黑暗时代,其中的性堕落和魔拜是司空见惯和女巫在火刑柱上被。”

All we can do though is to keep sounding the alarm, Paul. With the help of good, thinking people such as John Abbot, God bless him and others of his ilk.


Rampant paedophilia, child trafficking, Satanism. Mind control, sorcery, cannibalism. Political intrigues, financial chicanery, a nefarious global elite and mysterious secret societies. Everything else pales into insignicance relative to these. Yet we owe it to John to keep writing some romantic type articles, Paul. He has a business to run, after all.

Cheers mate. (y)(y)

#2018年10月19日16时42分51秒通过Barry1 @Barry1

@ paulfox1

I need to mention also Paul, don't let the apathy, ignorance of others distract you.

In some ways, you're light years ahead of the crowd. Many will ignore you, even rebuke you. All you need to focus upon is to spread your message as best you can, without becoming too personally involved with anyone or anything.

Remember all of us all on individual journeys. Different paths. Speak your truths quietly and clearly. Don't become unduly upset or disappointed at those who won't listen. Not everyone has the eyes to see, the brain to think, the inclination to act - as you do. Be at peace with yourself. :S

#二○一八年十月二十○日十六点18分31秒通过Barry1 @Barry1


Now, regarding your blog itself, it is brilliant.


I too have been studying the entire issue of runaway paedophilia in the world, including the situation of extensive mind control, rampant sex abuse of both adults and children, and depraved acts of satanism, human sacrifice and even cannibalism practised in Hollywood, in Washington, in London and generally throughout the world.

这是更常见的比普通person realises. I had no idea until I began studying it all in depth.


This is the big problem, John. The allegations and description of events that are made here are so way out there - so seemingly outrageous - that many naive people won't believe a word of what both you and I know to be true!

However, you and I differ it seems on the timeframe of where we think it is all heading. While I agree that there could well be a False Flag event coming soon in which we are asked to believe that an alien invasion is in the works, I think they will have to try to pull it off long before 10 years from now.

Agreed. I covered my bases by saying "within" the next ten years. Quite possibly it could be within the next two, three or four years. Nothing surprises me any more.|(



But even if that's the case, there's no question that the Global Elite are not going to go down easy, and all hell is going to break loose. We all need to be prepared for a world gone mad.

2019 is going to be a rough ride for us all, I believe a major bear market on Wall St will commence, just for starters. I believe economic conditions worse than 2007/2008 is soon to befall us.

Of course, some people reading your blog, and my comment, are going to shake their heads in disbelief. Our friend Melcyan leaps to mind. If we're wrong we're in for a future of insufferable mocking from all of them, but if we're right they may well be thankful that we at least gave them a hint of what was to come, thereby lessening the shock when it does.

We're all on individual life journeys, John. With different experiences to undertake, different lessons to learn. I advise all the Truth believers out there to speak their truths quietly yet clearly. Do NOT be distracted by disbelievers and naysayers, they're just wasting our time. Focus on the important stuff, not the distractions.

We shall see soon enough, shall we not?


#2018-10-21 12:23:35 byJohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@ Barry1和其他人

I don't have much to add in response to most of your comments, which were all very reasonable. Even if we differ, it is a minor disagreement on things such as when events might happen, but not if they will happen or why they will happen.

But I do feel compelled to respond to this one statement you made:


If you were closely following Qanon, you would come to recognize that much of what Trump says is done to get the MSM to go racing off course to blather in a relentless echoing cacophany of idiocy over completely trivial matters, while Trump is off dealing with issues that he'd rather not become a focus of the news. He actually plays the media brilliantly this way.

However, his calling Stormy Daniels "Horseface" was really quite brilliant on several levels, and even the MSM ended up backing off of their ridicule of Trump when they finally understood the fairly brilliant play on words, which was the first level. I recommend that you go view the video below by the War Drummer, which explains it quite well.


I also recommend that you take some time to go back into War Drummer's channel and watch a number of his videos, especially the ones about Qanon. You won't get everything there is to know about Qanon, but you'll have a very good start. Having said that, he has a number of other videos that are eye opening on various topics, such the three related to JFK.

#2018年10月22日七时54分45秒通过Barry1 @Barry1


“我建议你去看下面的视频the War Drummer, which explains it quite well.............I also recommend that you take some time to go back into War Drummer's channel and watch a number of his videos, especially the ones about Qanon"


I understand how many people involved in not only Hollywood but also politics and elsewhere, speak in a "twilight language", that is, have hidden meanings and messages in their talks.




#2018年10月23日由十二点四十分17秒paulfox1 @ paulfox1


I remember when I first came to work in China at the beginning of 2015. Back then, all that was needed was a copy of one's degree, and TESOL certificate.

Now, it's all changed. All qualifications need to be notarised by a lawyer known as a 'notary public'. Then, all these docs need to go to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, in order that the notary's stamp and signature can be 'verified' as being real.


It's a case of everyone verifying everyone else - it's ridiculous!



#2018年10月23日14时47分07秒通过Barry1 @Barry1


11 November 2018



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