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By John Abbot


This文章上的北京人网站, written by Michael Wester, references a trending, online rant that appeared recently on WeChat and positively reeks of anti-laowai, racist propaganda and sexist hogwash! To be clear, Michael Wester is merely describing the rant, and is not in any way appearing to agree with its content, nor in any way adding to the foul odor pervading from it. In fact, he appears to feel, perhaps to a lesser degree, somewhat the same way as we do here at CLM, and his article is an infomative read. We simply wish to add our perhaps less subtle thoughts on the subject.

The rant, which has been falsely attributed to the wife of one of the richest entrepreneurs in China, is actually recycled material, originally published and also making its rounds online in China a few years back. Frankly, it sounds more like the rant of an embittered Chinese male who either cannot get a Chinese girlfriend/wife or lost one to a foreigner.


那么,谁愿意迄今为止外国男人的中国女性必须是淘金者 - 和188bet官网使用这个词的“必须”在这里表示“条件或必要条件。”至少,这是豪言壮语的人暗示什么。他们必须是淘金者,因为:1)他们没有能力养活自己;b)它们缺乏技能和教育,找到一份好工作,并建立一个成功的职业生涯;c)它们都懒得是独立的;d)他们是自私和机会;或e)的任何组合或所有上述的。

How else can we explain why so many, beautiful Chinese women are dating or married to foreign men who are much older than they are and, sometimes, are not attractive by popular or local standards? Let’s continue the game.

Foreign men who work and live in China – locally referred to as laowais – do so because: a) They are losers in their own country and can’t find a job and a woman there; b) they are afflicted with Yellow Fever (let’s include this because it’s a popular prejudiced sentiment); c) They believe Chinese women are easy and will fall all over themselves to date a foreign guy; d) Any combination of or all of the above.

否则为什么他们会离开自己的国家 - 当这么多的人梦想有迁移的 - 尝试在异国他乡自己的运气,他们不说话的语言,也不是完全了解的文化和它的人民?从上述言论的摘录,因为它是在上述文章再版,这提供了同样的观点:

“If you ask a laowai why they came to China, most will tell you it’s because of China's long history, splendid culture, magnificent mountains and rivers, rapid development and great changes.

But let me tell you, with the exception of a handful of them that work for the government or were assigned to come here by their company and have families with them, the overwhelming majority will site two reasons: One is that they couldn’t make it in their own country and came here to find a way out; two is to find women.”

It’s pretty obvious how this ranter feels towards foreign men that date Chinese women and vice versa. It’s pretty obvious that he doesn’t think too highly of the women of his country but, at the same time, he believes that foreign men are exploiting Chinese women. He is suspicious of foreign men’s intentions when it comes to dating the women of China; but he also encourages the women to take advantage of foreign men! This ranter is, in my estimation, one, contradictory and messed up dude!

There’s no need to belabor the point that foreign men and today’s Chinese women can be a match made in heaven for many, good reasons. And, needless to say, more and more Chinese women these days are choosing foreign men as partners over Chinese men, also for very good reasons. If this ranter is representative of how all men in China are, then it’s no wonder so many of their country’s women are not choosing them for a partner!

作为一个潜在的妻子大大降低,并继续以每年她保持单一这么做成倍的一个中国女人的“价值” - 让我们不要忘记一个事实,即一定年龄后 - 27岁,是具体的。这些是什么女人该怎么办?这些是追求更高的教育,他们的职业抱负,使他们能够成为经济稳定,并提供他们的父母有一个舒适的生活一样的女性;选择不早了便利性和不结婚的女人一样在他们认为传统的性别角色的压力,给予,因为他们相信,婚姻长久,应根据不仅仅是男性为中心的社会观念已经过时了。188bet官网

So why would a modern Chinese woman marry a foreign man for money or a foreign visa? The answer is, she wouldn’t. These are not the reasons why many of today’s women of China are dating and marrying foreign men. They are also not doing it due to having been rejected by Chinese men because of their age, independence, and success. This is the day of the new, economically vibrant and powerful China. Our experience onChinaLoveMatch.netis that Chinese women are not much interested in moving from China at all. These women simply know that they deserve better, and they believe that foreign men are the better choice!



Anybody who automatically looks at a foreign man and a Chinese woman in a romantic relationship with suspicion and resentment is most likely unsatisfied with their own relationship or is unhappy with the absence of one! When you find someone ranting jealously about such Western men and women of China, look at the ranter’s own relationship situation, and ask yourself, honestly, if you were the contented Laowai or the happy Chinese lady would you instead opt to be in a relationship with the whiny, bitter and apparently lonely ranter? I think not. I know I am in a great relationship with my Chinese wife, and I wouldn’t be with that angry, bigoted ranter, or at least a female version of same, for all the tea in China.

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#2015-07-04 09:11:45 bypaulfox1 @paulfox1

WOW!!......... you really have ‘come out of the woodwork’ with this one!



中国女人是“进”西方人或不 - 它真的就是这么简单。我知道一个年轻的中国女孩在我居住的城市是谁,在24岁的时候,有比我写博客的CLM多的西方男朋友。188bet官方网址金宝博官网相反,我知道外国人的武器谁也不会被看见了死人很多中国女人!
一个老乡老师(在这里另外一所学校)遭到袭击女友的父亲 - 只是因为他是个外国人,他不希望他的女儿与老外相关联,并带来“耻辱”的家庭。

One thing that Chinese women DO have is this regard is FREEDOM OF CHOICE! (providing their parents have no objection)

I mentioned in my “Crossing the Bridge’ blog about my favourite little cafe that I go to regularly and I reckon this guys business must have doubled since I started going there with friends and colleagues. We are just animals in a zoo!
中国人得到风声,过来看我们,我们买饮料和食物,并尝试以“老外”的对话 - 对他们来说,这是一种“新颖性”,因为我们在这个城市并不多见。

就个人而言,我不在乎!如果我是一个标本在“动物园”再细!只要他们要来“玩”了我,我很高兴和他们一起吃喝。当我独自徘徊在那里吃午饭的所有者或者拒绝我的钱,或者给我一个重优惠 - 快乐的日子!



我的一个同事总是使用“房间”the gents rest-room rather than the urinal and when I asked him ‘Why’, he told me quite frankly he was annoyed with the amount of times a Chinese man would peer over and try to look at the size of his ‘manhood’ while he was taking a pee.

西方男人似乎在中国的“声誉”or having a ‘large trouser-snake’ compared with Chinese men, and I have no doubt whatsoever that a close friend of a Chinese girl with a western boyfriend is going to be asked rather quickly, “Is it true?”

哈哈,如果只有 - 哈哈!

It’s not only our reputation ‘downstairs’ that frightens many Chinese women but also the language barrier (or language bridge), differences in traditions, culture, up-bringing, values etc etc, that ‘scare’ them into sticking to ‘their own’ rather than embracing a cross-cultural relationship

When you add all that to the fear of desertion and the possibility of her Laowai returning alone to his own country at the end of his contract, then it becomes a worry for many Chinese women and some just want to ‘enjoy themselves’ in the company of a western man while they can
这增加了其他的声誉,我们有被“花花公子”或“蝴蝶” - 西方人的少数给我们的声誉谁想要睡觉的许多女孩因为他们可以,而他们在中国工作

So even though the ranter appears to be a small-minded dick-head with half-a-brain, it’s not too difficult to see where he is coming from with this


#2015年7月5日23时46分13秒通过paulfox1 @paulfox1

Losing 'Face'




The man's wife found the video on her husband's phone and posted it on WECHAT (Chinese equivalent to Facebook, roughly speaking)

The young woman has since killed herself


I never met her nor do I know who she is, but I felt sick to the stomach when I found out tonight

#2015-07-17 15点03分27秒通过queensknight @queensknight


#2015-09-30 15:13:52 byAussieBhoy74 @ AussieBhoy74

A very good post from John. It is not true that Western men "steal" Chinese women. It is mainly Western men taking the women Chinese men don't want. Those "sheng nv" the over 27's like John said.





#2015-11-26 23:48:08 byIamtheeggman @Iamtheeggman


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