巴里从澳大利亚是质疑人厕所ks at social issues from an alternative point of view and instead of asking, “Why?”, he asks “Why not?” He’s convinced that many of his previous incarnations were spent in China. He feels drawn to the people there; attracted by their rich culture and way of life. If given one wish from God, he’d reply, “I want everyone on Earth to be the same colour, speak the same language, and treat each other as they themselves would like to be treated.”
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Dark Shadow of My Life (Part 3)

By Barry Pittman
6359 Views | 183 Comments | 6/24/2018 2:20:07 PM
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#2018-06-28 13:43:57 byJohnAbbot @JohnAbbot


I am assuming that you will provide your take on Extreme Left and Extreme Right.

The other two men on my list are:

1. My Father, who was always a much better father to me than I was a son to him, although I was blessed to be able to be there with him 24 hours a day for his last few months as he passed away from cancer. He was a quiet, calm, decent and honourable man, and a kind and loving Dad. Of course he had a few flaws, but I cannot recall a single moment when he was anything but a great father to me. I can't say that I am as good a person as he was, but I can say I am a much better person than I ever could have been without him. He passed away at the age of 81 (less a day) 11 years ago, and everyday since I have come to miss and admire him more.

2. Paul Newman, partly because I enjoyed his talent so much, but moreso because I admired him so much for the way he lived his life so differently and admirably than all the other "stars" of Hollywood, who are generally nothing if not depraved. In spite of being a Superstar for most of his adult life, he managed to stay happily married to Joanne Woodward for 50 years.

I saw him interviewed on one of the big night time talk shows back at the top of his career, and he was asked in words to the effect of "You're the most popular movie star of the the last couple of decades in an industry where everyone fools around all the time. You could have any woman you want anytime you want, and yet you're known to be be a faithful husband who doesn't ever stray. What's the reason?" Newman's response was: "When you're eating steak at home, why go out for hamburger."

He was a tremendous philanthropist and lived an admirable life outside of being a great actor. If you go take the time just to read his bio in Wikipedia, you'll understand why I admire him. He was also a Democrat BTW.

@ Barry1

In spite of your many talents, and undeniable greatness, you should indeed be blushing for making that comment. As much as I admire you, I have to tell you that, no doubt much to your chagrin, you are not even in my top 10.

But there is still time.


I agree there is an agenda by the far right Global Elite, of whom George Soros is a key member, and it is not an agenda that is for the good of anyone except that self same Global Elite. Anyone who thinks that we everyday peons have a place in the Global Elite's New World Order is incredibly naive. But perhaps we could move away from that subject and you, Barry and many of the other contributors could add to the discussion about who you most admire, and why.

#2018-06-28 14:21:30 byBarry1 @ Barry1


"perhaps we could move away from that subject and you, Barry and many of the other contributors could add to the discussion about who you most admire, and why"

I admiremyself, John. For makin' it to my 60s in in one f**kin' piece in spite of all the f**kin' criminal nutcases, weirdos and criminals out there, many of whom I'm f**kin' sure were out to get me!

且不说一些他妈的亲属在道路上驾驶可怕谁在驾驶,这是一个他妈的亲属是如此绝望的奇迹我是不是永久的F **健白痴一个清理的。

Although I came f**kin' close when I was aged 20, when a f**kin' negligent truck driver around midnight one night fell asleep at the wheel, before veering across the road, smashing into my motorbike as I was riding the other way.

f * *亲属的混蛋然后让我受伤和流血ing in the middle of the f**kin' road, before high tailing it out of there! Resultant from that, I was left with a permanent disability in my right shoulder, with my right arm forever afterwards being a bit shorter than my left arm, due to complex compound fractures of the bones within the injured arm, that had taken the bulk of the harrowing impact. :@:@

#2018-06-28 17:05:00 bymelcyan @melcyan



You have two good family men in your list. I think that is great. For others that provide a list, I hope that at least one of the three respected men is a good family man. I realized that when I started my list the first two men were not necessarily good family men. For the third man on my list, I eliminated anyone who was not a good family man from my choices.

Also, you said, "I am assuming that you will provide your take on Extreme Left and Extreme Right."其实,这不是我的本意,但我会的。这将是下周了。

#2018-06-28 20:25:35 bypaulfox1 @paulfox1



The world's media is owned and operated by a total of SIX corporations.


@ Barry1

You said:

"Paul, it's a well known fact that the terrorists who flew the planes during 9/11 had attended FLIGHT SCHOOLS in the US in order to learn how to fly the aircraft. Records of attendance at these training schools are verifiable facts. They had many hours of simulator training and the flight simulators are extremely high quality, akin to flying a real plane"

I respectfully suggest you do about 30 seconds research into this before you make yourself look any 'greener'. There WERE no planes that day, nor was the whole false-flag orchestrated by a man-on-a-dialysis-machine, 10,000 miles away.



Now that I have responded to both Melcy and 'Barry-no-brain', I will comply with your request to inform everyone of the 3 men I respect most, and why.

1. My father. Worked as head of the science dept at our local university. An awesome teacher, in his day, and well-respected. Later went on to set up his own business doing 'materials testing'. Biggest 'claim-to-fame' was impounding 500,000 cars at a UK factory due to them painting all those cars with paint that hadn't passed his tests. He impounded the cars because they could not be distributed to dealers, as the paint literally 'fell off'.

2. Nikola Tesla. The man who invented free energy and free electricity for everyone on Earth. He also invented AC current. The man was a total genius - so much so that when Albert Einstein was asked, 'How does it feel to be regarded as a genius?', he reportedly replied, 'Ask Nikola Tesla!'.

Tesla never married. He said, in an interview while in his late 80's, that he never felt that HE was worthy of ANY woman. Tesla died in a hotel room and all his work was confiscated, allegedly by the CIA. After all, FREE ENERGY FOR EVERYONE?.....that can't be allowed to happen, now can it?

Of course, no-one is ever taught about Tesla during their brainwashing-and-indoctrination years, (oops, sorry, I meant to say SCHOOL years).

3.我的外祖父。经常被描述为“维多利亚时代”,我的爷爷是严格的“老派”。他是一个男人的那种“孩子应该看到和没有听说过”。他有“价值”已经失传已久的。我曾经感到沮丧,当我还是个孩子,因为我不可能记住他所有的“规则”,当我们去那里参观。我们不得不问离开餐桌后,我们就完成了一顿饭 - 要么,或等到大家吃过饭。

He worked for the same company for 50 years. From the time he left school, until he retired. He was never what you'd call 'materialistic', and had no interest in becoming 'rich' - although he could not only have become VERY rich, he could also have become extremely famous - but had no interest in it.


Further, my grandad went on to invent the automatic washing machine.

Both his inventions are not to his 'credit' as far as His Story (History) goes, but nevertheless, he invented them both, and although he was very strict with us, I loved him dearly and will always respect his memory.

RIP Grandad, and Nikola Tesla. I love you both.

#2018-06-28 21:52:15 bypaulfox1 @paulfox1


Since I have no other way of contacting you, you may like to check-out the following...

or not...

的+码头+收音机%29收音机+%28Sage +

#2018-06-29 09:01:11 byJohnAbbot @JohnAbbot

@ Barry1

Hmmmm... Are you sure you've gotten over those occasional bouts of sudden, uncontrollable anger? It feels a little like that dark shadow may still be lingering about.

Sorry, but I am missing the reason for this approach to my suggestion that it would be interesting to know which 3 people you most admire. My comment certainly was not intended to insult you in anyway.

Maybe you could explain?

#2018-06-29 10:00:39 byBarry1 @ Barry1


"Are you sure you've gotten over those occasional bouts of sudden, uncontrollable anger? It feels a little like that dark shadow may still be lingering about."

Well John, the "dark shadow" I referred to was INAPPROPRIATE anger. I think it reasonably justifiable to have strong feelings about a cowardly driver who almost killed me and changed my life forever. I live with my shoulder disability EVERY day, having lost 60 per cent of shoulder movement. It's therefore not something I can ever ignore or forget. Besides which, when I wrote my last comment, I wasn't angry or even annoyed anyway. I was merely using"poetic licence" to make the comment a little colourful, is all. No hard feelings or particular ill will was intended. I was just writing, is all.... not feeling any genuine strong emotion. (wasntme)

"I am missing the reason for this approach to my suggestion that it would be interesting to know which 3 people you most admire."

I decided to write about one person only, John. Myself. For having made it to the position where I am today, having been nearly killed back in 1974 riding a motorbike.... and then becoming almost bankrupt in 2001 due to business losses. Despite these severe obstacles, I'm now in a pretty good position, both financially as well as health-wise. I hope this clarifies the reasoning behind my response to you.

"My comment certainly was not intended to insult you in anyway."



Let me add however, that if pressed and to answer your question more expansively, I would have to say that I greatly admire Muhammad, Buddha and Jesus Christ. No matter what religious persuasion you may be, one would have to admit these inspirational people have indubitably changed the face of human civilisation through their teachings.

We here are all aware of Jesus, but let me quote from Wikipedia some details of the other two figures I've nominated.


One of the world’s great religions was started by a man who claimed to have continual revelations from God, which he would “recite” to others, particularly his followers. These recitations were recorded in the Qur’an, the most sacred book of Islam.

Born in 570 C.E. in the Arabian city of Mecca, Muhammad purportedly became a messenger of God at the age of 40, and then, in order to promulgate this revelation, became a political and military leader in the city of Medina in Arabia. Utilizing a series of shrewd military campaigns and expedient political alliances, Muhammad eventually conquered Mecca, the most important city of Arabia at the time, and thereby, established a monotheistic tradition based on theBible’s "Old Testament." This replaced the pagan-based religion of Arabia and began an expansion of Islam, which continues to the present day.

Often misunderstood and denigrated, Muhammad and Islam have become synonymous — at least in the minds of many people in the West — with religion-based terrorism. Even though Muhammad may have been ruthless in military matters and assassinated poets who discredited him, the Arabs of that time had to administer their own law and order just to survive. Also, on a parting note, it is said that Islam signifies peace and reconciliation.


Like Confucius, the Buddha was born around 500 B.C.E. Sources vary on the exact date of his birth and there are many questions about the Buddha’s life. Was he man or God? Could he stop the wheel of karma? Was he born of a virgin? Could he live forever? Nobody seems to know the answers to these questions.

多数学者认为,乔达摩悉达多是一个人谁最终成为佛 - “开明一个”的名称,其手段出生在尼泊尔王室家庭印度教,一个叫乔达摩悉达多的人过着的生活充满奢华和声色犬马的。然后,在大约30岁,悉达多在世界上发现的贫困,疾病和决定,为了缓解这种痛苦,他会成为一个乞丐。

此后,悉达多进入禁欲主义和冥想的生活,虽然他最终了解到,肉体的剥夺和羞辱不会导致觉醒的状态。于是,他在菩提树沉思了49天,直到他到达被称为意识提高的状态“必杀技”。不久后,他制定了四圣谛 - 的改变佛教的教义。对于剩下的45年的生命,佛周游印度东北部佛教教学的原则,直到他在80岁时死亡。

#2018年6月29日十七点11分14秒通过melcyan @melcyan

Youtube视频不研究科学知识的主要模式。我教谁做得比你有研究疫苗的一个更好的工作的15岁的学生。有时YouTube视频可提供有用的补充材料以视觉的形式,但是否则,它不是作为一个主源上可接受的researchingscientific information.

I suggest you give up using the termresearch只要您选择谈science topic.

Thanks for

的+码头+收音机%29收音机+%28Sage +

Apollo movie Set Finaly Found?I needed a good laugh.

#2018-06-29 21:59:07 bymelcyan @melcyan


只是为了好玩,看看前几以下视频的分钟。It highlights the point I'm making,perfectly !

Paul, good clips. They back up Jon Stewart's claims that the media is unbelievably lazy and unprofessional. He claims the media is just as thin-skinned and narcissistic as Trump is. They sook over the way Trump has rejected them.

Stewart gave media the following advice


I miss Jon Stewart so much!

#2018-06-30 04:13:21 byYinTingYu @YinTingYu


Brother B, thanks so much for explaining. I get it now (ha!).

I want to do some "S'plainin' ". When I read #3 of this blog, I thought I had waited the usual 24 hours for other responses. Saw only Capt'n John's response. I did not know your true intent. So,...I responded. It really felt to me like "All Hands Attention. Sailor adrift" !! I know that's not the case now. :D

Let me focus on the original intent of this blog. Unknown anger that presents on occassion. There are many reasons but, I sense, these are things that come from some sort of repression and, we each do not have solid means of expression. It just sort of "comes out". I feel "First Mate Paul" describes this but, I give you my own take. Let me backtrack.

The "Dingo" is a knoble and somewhat salty breed. Generally, they are are "Pack" creatures but, there are usually 1 or 2 that take on the role of being "scouts". These members are the one's who go out and "telephone " back to the clan,..."Hey there is good water here and shade of "Coolibah" tree. I don't know there language too good. Is just what I feel.



Are you "Cool" with that ??

Hey,... I dig the CCR "Cosmos" recording as well.

I wish to "Dub" you right now as "Brother Coz" (Cosmic). Can you accept ?? (hehe).If you accept,...I will get formal and convien court !! :D(dance)(ninja)(beer)




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